About Us.

We hope to be able to find enough Internet connections during our travels to post to this blog on a fairly frequent basis.

We are now traveling in our Geraldine III, a 2016 Roadtrek 21o Popular. We are loving it!

2 Responses to About Us.

  1. stephanie ridgeway says:

    Hi. I believe we are related via the Frost/Downey side. Ancestry.com connected us, but once I saw your red winged blackbird picture, I had real proof. Lol

    • ozarksphotos says:

      Hi Stephanie, great to hear from you. I do have Downey ancestors. Send me an email so we can communicate a bit more privately. ozarksphotos@me.com. We are currently in El Paso, Texas. Will be starting home to Missouri on Tuesday. If you live somewhere along our route it would be great to meet?

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