Discovered, a handy App

Since we have not been doing our usual summer traveling I have been spending more time with my computers. While exploring the Web I ran across an interesting post leading me to discover iWatermark, an easy to use App for watermarking Photos, by It requires a png watermark file, I had some made by PhotoLogo that worked great. In addition to ones logo file the app allows display of additional information, i.e.: date photo was taken and additional data. Below is an example.

We are hoping to resume traveling by November,


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I would like to apologize to my readers for the long delay since our last post. We headed out from home to go to a Roadtrek gathering in Montana. We got as far as Rockport, the first day. We checked into the rivers edge campground for the night. Then I started not feeling well. So we spent the whole day there the next day and again that night. The next morning I was really ill so we decided to return home. As we drove down interstate 29 toward Saint Joseph I got even sicker and had to pull to the side of the interstate twice. At the second stop while I was indisposed due to my illness a very nice Missouri State patrolman stopped to ask if we needed any help. My wife said yes and he offered to lead us to a emergency room. He led her to the Mosaic Hospital emergency room where they got me right in. I was diagnosed with a severe case of diverticulitis and they started treatment immediately. Should you ever need an emergency room in the St. Joseph, Missouri area I can highly recommend them, they were excellent!

After an x-ray and a CAT scan they pumped me full of fluids and two different antibiotics. They wrote a prescription for 10 days worth of two different anabiotic’s and told me to do for the next three days to triple my intake of my prednisone. They then released me and we came on home. We have now been home three weeks and a few days. I am still recovering and we have decided to remain home for the summer even though it gets way too hot here. I will miss the cool mountains of Colorado and being able to join the Roadtrek group that gathered in Montana on the east side of Glacier National Park earlier this month.

We are well enough to drink a Starbucks and if any readers are passing through this area we would be pleased to meet you. Just drop me a comment.

RIP: Our traveling companion of the last 17 years, Mittens, our cat fell fatally ill after our return home. He is missed.

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Images of the District of Columbia…….

Our visit to our nations capital and the Museum of the Bible ( is approaching the end. We will leave tomorrow morning to head back to Missouri. We have had a great time and seen a lot of the District of Columbia. Below are some of the images from our trip.

The first images below are from the Museum of the Bible. A great learning experience and well worth your time to visit.

The images below are of some night scenes of some of the monuments in Washington, DC.

And of course we must add the obligatory images of spring in Washington, DC, cherry blossoms.

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Just a quick update……

We just recently left Springfield on a whirlwind trip to Washington, District of Columbia. Marilyn has been wanting to go to the Museum of the Bible there and we felt like this might be our best opportunity to do so prior to our summer travels.

We just arrived yesterday so we have not had an opportunity take very many photos but we will attach a few.

Below is an image of the entry to Chinatown District of the District of Columbia.

Below is the traditional image of the tidal basin and the Washington Monument.

Hopefully over the next couple of days we will have some additional images to add along with more information about our trip.

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We are Home…. for a few days

While we spent most of the winter in El Paso we were able to take a few trips. One which we will be a long time forgetting was one up to Silver City, NM. The highway from there over to I-25 is one we will remember. Beautiful vistas and one of the crookedest roads we have been on in a long time. The Road to Hana may be slighlty crookeder but it is not nearly as long.  LOL

Below is a short video show just one of the views which made the trip worthwhile. It is from the top of the pass on the highway.


After recovering from this drive we did stop by our favorite New Mexico destination, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near San Antonio, NM. While most of the Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese had left in mid February a few still ingered and we were able to get a few videos.

The video below is of the Snow Geese gathering at the pond near the refuge in the morning. They may be landing there to wake up the sleeping Sandhill Cranes.

The video below is on the sleeping Sandhill Cranes as the Snow Geese are gathering.

The video below is of a portion of the Sandhill Cranes at the refuge. It may be they are on dry land to get something to eat.


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I have time flies……..

Or does it? It seems like a long time since I have posted here to the blog but it was only February 28, a little over a week ago.

We felt we needed a little break from El Paso so we decided to head north to the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. We had a very nice visit with Jim and Cindy Blair who now have completed moving to their new home in Cochiti Lake. They were great hosts and we wish him the best in their new abode. We are looking forward to getting together again in Montana in June. One of the nicest things about having a Roadtrek is that you feel part of a family of Roadtrek owners.

During our trip Up and back we stopped by what is become one of Marilyn’s favorite veterinarians, The Animal Haven Veterinarian Clinic of Socorro, New Mexico. A husband and wife operation and they both seem to have a deep caring for their patients. We can recommend them if you’re ever in their area and need veterinary help.

It seems we were so busy driving and enjoying the scenery that we neglected to take very many pictures. While in Socorro we did take a little time to drive down to Bosque del Apache national wildlife refuge and we were fortunate to get a few images of some Bufflehead ducks, see them below.It was pretty breezy in Bosque and it was somewhat amusing seeing all the waterfowl riding the waves. On a couple of the ponds there were even whitecaps.

Until next time have a wonderful life,


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A love affair………

This is not our typical post on our blog. We do want to share with you some of the joys of traveling in our Roadtrek’s over the past several years. Our love affair is with Geraldine, all three of them. (and my wife of over 40 years knows 🙂

Below is a photo of the first Geraldine. She was a Corbitt semi tractor.I drove her coast to coast for about 10 years and about 1,000,000 miles. This was after my brother Ron had driven her about the same length of time and about the same number of miles. Corbitts were one tough truck.

Marilyn I truly love traveling and living in our Roadtrek’s about eight months out of the year. She suggested we name them Geraldine II and III as she knew how much time I had spent in Geraldine I. We previously owned a 190 Popular four-wheel-drive which we put over 135,000 miles on touring the US, Canada and Alaska. It was Geraldine II.

Our most recent purchase was a 210 Popular with no four-wheel-drive, Geraldine III. So far we have about 40,000 miles on it and truly enjoy traveling in it. It was one of the very first units produced with the EcoTrek batteries and a solar panel to assist in charging them with a few other additional technological improvements. While we have had a few problems Roadtrek has done a great job of taking care of fixing them under their six-year warranty. I congratulate them on being the first to market an almost truly “off the grid” vehicle.

Below is one of the reasons we travel south in the winter. Got a late start our first year and experienced a pretty good snowfall a few days before our departure.

To view some of the wonderfully beautiful places and interesting locations that we have traveled to in our Geraldine’s just check out some of our older posts in this blog: and to see many of the photographs we’ve been able to get on our travels visit our photo site:


Here is a picture of our traveling companion over the last 16 years and also a few more images of our Geraldine’s. The map of the bottom shows just a few of the locations we have visited. We hope you enjoy this post.

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