Birthday celebration

Recently we had the opportunity to attend a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the 80th birthday of Carol Stephens here in El Paso. It was a surprise party and even though there was a large number of people that knew it was coming no one spilled the beans and it was a total surprise to Carol.

The party was put together by Carol’s children, Russell, Cheryl and Dennis. They did an excellent job with a slideshow of memories from Carol’s life showing on three large displays during the gathering. When it was time to end the ceremony each of them spent some time reviewing memories of their life growing up with her as their mother.

A very short video showing a few of the guests and the family preparing for the celebration.

Below is a photo of the family and guests preparing to welcome Carol into the room for the celebration. The three large screens were playing memories from Carol’s life.

Below is Carol entering the room. She had been told that they were gathering to get a family photograph taken. Cheryl opened the door while her son Russell was pushing her into the room followed by her son-in-law Walter.

Carol reacting to The greeting from the crowd gathered to celebrate her 80th birthday. Immediately afterwards everyone joined in singing happy birthday to her.

After her entrance many of her fellow teachers, friends and church members spent a lot of time visiting with her. This was followed by a delicious meal for all that attended. A very wonderful celebration for a very wonderful lady.

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Two weeks

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we left Missouri. First was a quick stop in Pensacola, Florida to visit a niece, then on over to the Houston, Texas area. Drove in rain almost all the way. Finally after about two or three days of rain and the Houston area we got some sunshine. That was really nice.

While in the Houston area we were invited to a birthday party for a cousin, Larry Poore. Had a very nice evening and got to catch up with some of our relatives.

After that we spent a few nights with our good Roadtrek friends, Ken and Dottie. One day during our stay in the Houston area we drove down to Galveston and met up with a classmate from 60 years ago. We had a very nice lunch and got reacquainted with Ellen Beasley from our 1958 graduating class from high school.

After a couple more days of driving across Texas we are now in El Paso with Marilyn’s sister and her family. We will be here through Thanksgiving and be able to celebrate with them.

Sometime after Thanksgiving we will be heading further west. We have an appointment in Tucson with the Roadtrek dealer so they can determine fire under hood generator is not recharging our batteries. our appointment is for December 11 so we will not have to be in any rush to get there. We are thankful that we have been in a lot of sun the last few days and our solar panel has maintained our batteries.

We once again our traveling with a cat. Frisco is his name. He watches over us and our Roadtrek as evidenced by the photo below of him on the dash. This was taken laded night.

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Cataract Surgery

Hey, a few weeks ago we began the process of having my cataracts removed. All the eyedrops were fatiguing. The surgery was easy as I was under sedation and didn’t know or feel anything. After completion my vision was about 20/40, not the 20/20 that was indicated prior to surgery. After an additional visit to my optometrist and getting glasses I can see the bumps on a pumpkin at two hundred yards. Fortunately my vision is good enough that I will not need to wear the glasses to get my new drivers license in a year two. Below is a photo of my new glasses. I did opt for bi-focal lens and so far I really like them.

Now we have a few more doctor appointments to get out-of-the-way and then we hope to hit the road in November and begin bringing you some more entertaining blog posts. It has been a long hot summer in Missouri and we will be very happy to get back on the road in Geraldine III.

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In preparation

We took Geraldine III for a short road trip today. Checking to make sure all is operational prior to our departure in November. We will be heading south at that time, hopefully to be in warmer weather.

We made our annual trip to Round Grove to pick up our supply of apple butter at the church there. They were starting their annual production in preparation for Apple Butter Days in Mt. Vernon. Really great apple butter!

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Discovered, a handy App

Since we have not been doing our usual summer traveling I have been spending more time with my computers. While exploring the Web I ran across an interesting post leading me to discover iWatermark, an easy to use App for watermarking Photos, by It requires a png watermark file, I had some made by PhotoLogo that worked great. In addition to ones logo file the app allows display of additional information, i.e.: date photo was taken and additional data. Below is an example.

We are hoping to resume traveling by November,


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I would like to apologize to my readers for the long delay since our last post. We headed out from home to go to a Roadtrek gathering in Montana. We got as far as Rockport, the first day. We checked into the rivers edge campground for the night. Then I started not feeling well. So we spent the whole day there the next day and again that night. The next morning I was really ill so we decided to return home. As we drove down interstate 29 toward Saint Joseph I got even sicker and had to pull to the side of the interstate twice. At the second stop while I was indisposed due to my illness a very nice Missouri State patrolman stopped to ask if we needed any help. My wife said yes and he offered to lead us to a emergency room. He led her to the Mosaic Hospital emergency room where they got me right in. I was diagnosed with a severe case of diverticulitis and they started treatment immediately. Should you ever need an emergency room in the St. Joseph, Missouri area I can highly recommend them, they were excellent!

After an x-ray and a CAT scan they pumped me full of fluids and two different antibiotics. They wrote a prescription for 10 days worth of two different anabiotic’s and told me to do for the next three days to triple my intake of my prednisone. They then released me and we came on home. We have now been home three weeks and a few days. I am still recovering and we have decided to remain home for the summer even though it gets way too hot here. I will miss the cool mountains of Colorado and being able to join the Roadtrek group that gathered in Montana on the east side of Glacier National Park earlier this month.

We are well enough to drink a Starbucks and if any readers are passing through this area we would be pleased to meet you. Just drop me a comment.

RIP: Our traveling companion of the last 17 years, Mittens, our cat fell fatally ill after our return home. He is missed.

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Images of the District of Columbia…….

Our visit to our nations capital and the Museum of the Bible ( is approaching the end. We will leave tomorrow morning to head back to Missouri. We have had a great time and seen a lot of the District of Columbia. Below are some of the images from our trip.

The first images below are from the Museum of the Bible. A great learning experience and well worth your time to visit.

The images below are of some night scenes of some of the monuments in Washington, DC.

And of course we must add the obligatory images of spring in Washington, DC, cherry blossoms.

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