38th Plains Indian Powwow

We had a great time yesterday visiting this powwow held here in Cody, Wyoming every year. It now attracts more than 200 dancers representing 28 tribes from across the United States. During the two days of powwow visitors will see colorful dancers of all ages and works for sale by authentic native American artists and craftsmen.

Below is a short video of the Grand Entry. It may take a while to download. After the video you will see some additional images.

We truly enjoyed our time at the Powwow, colorful and entertaining. Before the Grand Entry they took the time to honor those which had served in the military during every war.

From old to the very young they all enjoyed dancing in the Grand Entry and all the competitions which followed.

As you see in the image below the Joe Robbie Powwow Garden near the Buffalo Bill Center of the West became nearly filled before the Grand Entry was complete.

In addition to Native American works being offered for sale there was also food. One item offered we had to try, an Indian Taco. I can attest it was delicious!

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Buffalo Bill Dam, near Cody, Wyoming

Originally constructed as the Shoshone Dam it was once the highest dam in the world. Below is an informational panel.

On our way out to the Dam I thought this red outcropping was interesting.

The lake formed by the dam is very large and provides some very scenic views.

The visitor center at the Dam also serves as the visitor center for the Buffalo Bill Cody state park. The web site for the visitor center is https://bbdvc.com/. It is in this building and has several interesting views

Here is the view of the parking lot from near the Visitor Center and the scenic view.

There are many unique geological formations near the Dam.

Two of the interesting views from the Visitor Center are below.

We hope you find this blog post interesting.

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While here in Cody, Wyoming

One of the first attractions we visited here (other than Starbucks) was the Historic Cody Mural and Museum. It features a very large mural painted by Edward Grigware, completed in 1951. The mural illustrates the first 120 years history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in a 36 foot diameter rotunda. The Miral has eight equal sections with each featuring one of the first eight of the prophets of the Church. The mural is very elaborate and very interesting. Images are below. there is some overlap.

The museum also contains some sculptures as well as photographs and artifacts of the original settlers to the area. Should you visit the Cody, Wyoming area it would be well worth your time to visit. Below are a few additional images of some of the other items on exhibit.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation of some of the exhibits at the museum and should you be in or near Cody, Wyoming consider visiting.

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Gros Ventre Campground

We are spending a few nights here before heading on over to Cody. This morning we awoke to a bit of a surprise, image below.

We had a warning the morning before as the snow line was almost down to the campground elevation.

We are having a wonderful trip, much more leisurely than previous trips. We even had some time to get a few images of some pikas dining.

We will do a little more exploring today. We want to see if any of the pronghorn antelope have made it this far north.

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Craters of the Moon Preserve, Idaho

Yesterday we checked in to their campground and spent the night after taking a few images. We got up early this morning and drove the loop road and of course took more images. Quite a fascinating place and the preserve covers 750,000 acres. Their are lots of trails and even some lava tunnels which require special permits. Below are some images:

These are just part of all of the lava which erupted from the rifts. The lava was not from an eruption of a volcano but from rifts which erupted.

The Image below is looking down into one of several spatter cones that are on the preserve. Just a guess but I believe the white stuff at the bottom is the snow that has not melted yet.

A little more information on what a spatter cone is.

This image is an early morning photo of a couple of the spatter cones.

The two images below are of the remains of a tree that had a very unusual trunk

In many locations on otherwise barren mounds in the preserve very small plants like the one below grow abundantly. They are spaced apart by a small distance so that each of them can get the necessary water from their root system. They are dwarf buckwheat plants in this image is a close-up of one plant.

As you can see in the photo below several of the trails are paved and handicapped accessible.

We found it a bit difficult to gain a vantage point which would show the miles and miles of lava fields in the preserve.

Our visit to the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve was very interesting. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and would consider subscribing so that you can follow along on our journey this summer and winter.

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Virginia City, Nevada

During our visit to Reno we drove up to see Virginia City, Nevada. Below is a photo as we approached the town. Below that I hope to post a video of our drive along the Main Street which had many shops.

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Mt. Rose, near Reno, Nevada

While in Reno, Nevada visiting a cousin and his wife volunteered to be our tour guide to go see Lake Tahoe. She didn’t say we would be seeing it from several miles away but it worked out great. We went to the top of Mount Rose and down the other side a little ways and had a great view of Lake Tahoe. A side benefit was that we also got a great view of the Reno side from the mountain.

Below are several images from our trip. Even though it is June 1 there was still a lot of snow on top of Mount Rose. And it was nice and cool up there. The highlight of the trip was the fabulous vista we were able to view from a pull out near the top of Mount Rose.

This image is a slightly closer view of the lake.

During the drive up the mountain we stopped at one of the pull out over looking the Reno side and you got a few images to share.

We found the tree growing next to the highway to be kind of interesting so we got a close-up image of it for you.

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did the actual views.

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