A link to Ten Years of travel images


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From our travels

Catching up with a few

Images from our summer travels.

A sign about the view
A sign about the view
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We have returned home.

And it feels great. During our summer 2019 trip: Start. 53,431 miles

End. 62,588 milesTotal trip miles. 9,157

We visited several western states, had a great time and have enjoyed sharing many images with our readers

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A special thank you for Mike and Elsa.

Our friends Mike and Elsa invited us to join them at the Bockman Campground. To get there we drove up through the Poudre river canyon and over Cameron Pass, over 10,000 feet in elevation. The Poudre river canyon is very scenic and very crooked.Unfortunately we did not find any pull off in the prettiest areas so we did not get any pictures this trip of the canyon

We were very pleased with all of the beautiful color in the aspen trees on our trip up there. Below are some images which hopefully will give you some idea of how pretty it is.

Here is one image of some of the
Aspens in color along one of the mountain ridges.
And another.
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Sad to Say

After tomorrow we will be leaving Grand Mesa. We have had a wonderful stay and the camp host and campsite were great. Today was our last trip down to Montrose as we will be heading north when we depart Wednesday morning. The Starbucks in Montrose always got my drink just right.

We were finally able to obtain an image showing a good portion of Grand Mesa during our return trip up the Mesa this afternoon, it is below.

A portion of Grand Mesa, much of it is over 10,000 feet in elevation.

We are somewhat sad about having to leave as the aspen leaves are just beginning to turn golden. We have to be in Boulder, Colorado for a few days before we venture out into another part of this state hoping to find aspens more colorful. Below are a few images we hope you enjoy.

While the aspen are not golden this was
On a lake near our campground.
A few aspen almost golden.
One small aspen showing some gold.
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Visited the Grand Mesa Visitor Center

A relatively short drive over to the Visitor Center, primarily to use their WiFi. We also wanted to see how the aspen trees are changing. Very slowly but a slight amount of progress.

Below are a couple of images from the deck at the Visitor Center of one of the many lakes on the Mesa.

One of the many lakes on Grand Mesa.
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Another Visit to Montrose, Colorado

Yesterday we headed down from Grand Mesa once again. Headed back to Montrose for supplies, groceries and of course Starbucks. We were up to get an early start and as it had gotten down into the high 20s we discovered this wonderful sight across from our campsite.

The small lake had a bit of fog,
the bushes had frost and the lake
had a nice reflection.

After getting our errands accomplished we stopped by Sweitzer State Park between Montrose and Delta. Very nice park with a lake and playground. We had lunch there and as we were leaving we were able to obtain an image of a portion of Grand Mesa. It is an unbelievably large mesa and our image only shows a portion of it. It is about 11,000 feet in altitude and our location in the park was about 5,500 feet. There are a large number of campgrounds on the mesa and is much cooler there.

Partial view of Grand Mesa with
a field of probably Olathe sweet corn.
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