Back on the grid

After spending a few days traveling and exploring more of Alaska we are finally “back on the grid”. We are in Palmer, AK at a Carr’s Grocery, part of the Safeway group. A very nice store and the big bonus is it has a Starbucks! I have already had my Vente decaff Mocha Raspberry, skim milk, no whipped cream and they did such a good job I believe I will get another before we leave. Unfortunately their Wi-Fi was not working, at least for me. 🙂

Now, on to a few images in this email to be followed with more emails with images.

A view of Kennecott from a distance. Gives one an idea of the size of the copper mill and what an enormous undertaking it was to build all of this at the turn of the 20th Century. First they had to build a railway and then transport most everything in for construction and living essentials. It was an overcast day which makes it appear a bit foggy.

A closer view that helps show the enormity of the Kennecott Copper Mill.

This is one of the building in Kennecott that was damaged in a flood in 2006. The Park Service and some partners are rebuilding much of Kennecott, It was an interesting and educational visit for us. The 60 miles of gravel road to get there was not as pleasurable.

Larry Daniel

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Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me. I also have a Web site with many images taken in North America. .
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