Huge bull moose

I wouldn’t mess with that moose.

How old do you think he is?

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Finally after six years we found our photogenic mature Shiras bull moose. We are once again at Pawnee Campground near the small and old town of Ward, Colorado. Brainard and Long lakes are close to the campground. This moose favored us by staying around while we were in other parts of Colorado.

We plan to be here for about a week with occasional visits to Estes Park for groceries and a good cellular connection. I have no idea when this post will Be delivered. There is one spot about five miles from here where we sometimes get a signal, varying widely in strength. 😎

There is a Shiras bull moose in this image, really! This is where we found him yesterday.

You can see him better in this image. Used my Nikon V3 and 28-300mm lens so I did not have to get closer. I have heard more people are killed by moose every year than by bears.

This Shiras bull moose spends most of his time eating. We are hoping this is not a sign of an early and snowy winter here in Colorado.

Larry or Marilyn Daniel

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