Another Day of Great Oregon Weather

While it may of gotten to 70° today here in Oregon on the coast it got down to about 55 last night. It is now about 65° at 7:30 PM. A bright sunny day but a bit windy. We are probably about 75 feet from the coast and about 75 feet above the coast. And we are getting Seaspray on the side windows. 😎

Before we leave tomorrow to head a little further north on the coast we wanted to share a few of the images from today.





 We were blessed with this image while were driving along a hilltop road to a lookout along Highway 101.  We felt the Gods rays shining down on through the forest from the sun indicate we will have a blessed trip! 


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Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me. I also have a Web site with many images taken in North America. .
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3 Responses to Another Day of Great Oregon Weather

  1. Roger Daniel says:


    G Roger Daniel Sent from my iPhone


  2. c says:

    Truly beautiful! So happy that you are able to be there and enjoy the great weather and all that there is to see! Cathie

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