we are home

We have returned home from our shortened summer trip. Visited MT, WY, and CO.

Below are a few of the many images we returned with. Just getting started on editing and posting them, Hope you enjoy them.

The first one is an environmental image of a badger, the first one I had ever seen and the first I had ever photographed. Images like this are called “environmental” as they show the environment of where the animal lives.

A closer view of the same badger. It may be that the description “wide body” may have come from someones description of a badger? 🙂

The same badger emerging from a hollow log, possibly checking for a meal?

Below is the only Canada Lynx I have ever seen. Quite a thrill!

I have many more images to review and post. It is likely to take a while, please stay turned.


About ozarksphotos

Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me.
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One Response to we are home

  1. Ginny says:

    Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing


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