A love affair………

This is not our typical post on our blog. We do want to share with you some of the joys of traveling in our Roadtrek’s over the past several years. Our love affair is with Geraldine, all three of them. (and my wife of over 40 years knows 🙂

Below is a photo of the first Geraldine. She was a Corbitt semi tractor.I drove her coast to coast for about 10 years and about 1,000,000 miles. This was after my brother Ron had driven her about the same length of time and about the same number of miles. Corbitts were one tough truck.

Marilyn I truly love traveling and living in our Roadtrek’s about eight months out of the year. She suggested we name them Geraldine II and III as she knew how much time I had spent in Geraldine I. We previously owned a 190 Popular four-wheel-drive which we put over 135,000 miles on touring the US, Canada and Alaska. It was Geraldine II.

Our most recent purchase was a 210 Popular with no four-wheel-drive, Geraldine III. So far we have about 40,000 miles on it and truly enjoy traveling in it. It was one of the very first units produced with the EcoTrek batteries and a solar panel to assist in charging them with a few other additional technological improvements. While we have had a few problems Roadtrek has done a great job of taking care of fixing them under their six-year warranty. I congratulate them on being the first to market an almost truly “off the grid” vehicle.

Below is one of the reasons we travel south in the winter. Got a late start our first year and experienced a pretty good snowfall a few days before our departure.

To view some of the wonderfully beautiful places and interesting locations that we have traveled to in our Geraldine’s just check out some of our older posts in this blog: ozarksphotostravels.com and to see many of the photographs we’ve been able to get on our travels visit our photo site: OzarksPhotos.com


Here is a picture of our traveling companion over the last 16 years and also a few more images of our Geraldine’s. The map of the bottom shows just a few of the locations we have visited. We hope you enjoy this post.

About ozarksphotos

Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me. I also have a Web site with many images taken in North America. OzarksPhotos.com .
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3 Responses to A love affair………

  1. ozarksphotos says:

    About six times just in Roadtrek’s. 🙂

    Thank you for your comment, hope to see you in Montana? I’m looking forward to

  2. Sandy says:

    Miss seeing you and Marilyn…With all the miles you’ve traveled you’ve probably circled the earth several times ! Great memories..

  3. TexDot says:

    I enjoyed viewing your most recent post, and hearing about Geraldine I, II, & III. I did not realize that Geraldine I was your first truck. That was a nice story to hear for the first time. One million miles x two….. WoW what a gal! The current images were a nice treat to see. Marilyn looked pretty standing in front of the Arctic Circle sign. Nice commercial for the 6 year warranty on the RT. Keep em com! PS: I subscribed to everything.

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