I would like to apologize to my readers for the long delay since our last post. We headed out from home to go to a Roadtrek gathering in Montana. We got as far as Rockport, the first day. We checked into the rivers edge campground for the night. Then I started not feeling well. So we spent the whole day there the next day and again that night. The next morning I was really ill so we decided to return home. As we drove down interstate 29 toward Saint Joseph I got even sicker and had to pull to the side of the interstate twice. At the second stop while I was indisposed due to my illness a very nice Missouri State patrolman stopped to ask if we needed any help. My wife said yes and he offered to lead us to a emergency room. He led her to the Mosaic Hospital emergency room where they got me right in. I was diagnosed with a severe case of diverticulitis and they started treatment immediately. Should you ever need an emergency room in the St. Joseph, Missouri area I can highly recommend them, they were excellent!

After an x-ray and a CAT scan they pumped me full of fluids and two different antibiotics. They wrote a prescription for 10 days worth of two different anabiotic’s and told me to do for the next three days to triple my intake of my prednisone. They then released me and we came on home. We have now been home three weeks and a few days. I am still recovering and we have decided to remain home for the summer even though it gets way too hot here. I will miss the cool mountains of Colorado and being able to join the Roadtrek group that gathered in Montana on the east side of Glacier National Park earlier this month.

We are well enough to drink a Starbucks and if any readers are passing through this area we would be pleased to meet you. Just drop me a comment.

RIP: Our traveling companion of the last 17 years, Mittens, our cat fell fatally ill after our return home. He is missed.

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7 Responses to Apologies

  1. Terri Brunner says:

    Good morning Larry! I’m just seeing this email for the first time this morning! I’m so sorry you fell ill during your trip west. I know how much you love the mountains and the camaraderie of your beloved group. I’m hoping with the passing months that you have found a diet that sits well with your illness. Jon, my hubby also suffers from diverticulitis. He has found that drinking a lot of water is key for him. Sending much love and hugs to both you and your beautiful wife!

    • ozarksphotos says:

      Thank you Terri,

      Turns out that it was actually an ischemia of the colon that was my trouble. Gastrointerologist diagnosed, said ER’s often diagnose any bleeding as diverticulitis.

      We just departed this morning on our winter trip. Quick stop in Pensacola and then over to Texas.

      Thank you for your comment and concern, Larry

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  2. Bob says:

    Larry, we, too, were so sorry to hear about Mittens. And hope you are getting better. Maybe you can join us in Coeur D’Lene, ID, in Sep. looks like well over 50 Roadtreks so far. Tell Marilyn hi and hope to see you on the road soon. Bob and Cindy Haddock, Hardy, AR.

    • ozarksphotos says:

      Thank you so much. While we would love to be in ID in September we have doctor appointments all the way through October so unfortunately we will not be able to attend.

      Sure is hot here in Missouri!

      • Bob says:

        Hot here in Arkansas, too. Hibernating inside mostly. We don’t do starbucks (way too far left liberal for me to patronize) but you have me hooked on Torani raspberry syrup. I must be getting hooked because i went from one half teaspoon in my 16 oz insulated mug of coffee to now heading towards two teaspoons. Sure is good. Hope to see you on the road.

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh Larry, I’m so glad you are okay..and I’m so very sorry about Mittens. I’m praying for your return to health and the road..take care, love Sandy & Jim

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