Two weeks

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we left Missouri. First was a quick stop in Pensacola, Florida to visit a niece, then on over to the Houston, Texas area. Drove in rain almost all the way. Finally after about two or three days of rain and the Houston area we got some sunshine. That was really nice.

While in the Houston area we were invited to a birthday party for a cousin, Larry Poore. Had a very nice evening and got to catch up with some of our relatives.

After that we spent a few nights with our good Roadtrek friends, Ken and Dottie. One day during our stay in the Houston area we drove down to Galveston and met up with a classmate from 60 years ago. We had a very nice lunch and got reacquainted with Ellen Beasley from our 1958 graduating class from high school.

After a couple more days of driving across Texas we are now in El Paso with Marilyn’s sister and her family. We will be here through Thanksgiving and be able to celebrate with them.

Sometime after Thanksgiving we will be heading further west. We have an appointment in Tucson with the Roadtrek dealer so they can determine fire under hood generator is not recharging our batteries. our appointment is for December 11 so we will not have to be in any rush to get there. We are thankful that we have been in a lot of sun the last few days and our solar panel has maintained our batteries.

We once again our traveling with a cat. Frisco is his name. He watches over us and our Roadtrek as evidenced by the photo below of him on the dash. This was taken laded night.

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Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me. I also have a Web site with many images taken in North America. .
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