Visiting Tucson, Arizona for a few days

After spending some days in El Paso, Texas with Marilyn’s relatives we came over to Tucson to keep an appointment at Freedom RV. We had several minor problems with a Roadtrek and they spent the better part of a day getting almost everything up to snuff. Aaron, the tech that did most of the work was very efficient and effective.

After that we decided to spend some time exploring the area. They have lots of Starbucks which pleased me. ğŸ˜Ž

We spent part of one day driving out to the Sonora Desert Museum. While we intend to visit the museum the next time we visit we enjoyed driving around the area. Below are a few of the photographs from our exploration.

This is our Roadtrek, Geraldine III which has served us faithfully on our travels. Behind her is a veritable sea of saguaro cactus.

Below is a barrel cactus surrounded by some delicate yellow flowers.

A closer view of the top of the barrel cactus.

Below is what I think is a Silver Cholla, certainly a cactus one would not wish to stumble and fall into. A multitude of shiny silver spines.

We were amazed at how high up on the hills the saguaro cactus grew and also that there were so many of them.

We hope you enjoy this brief report on our visit to the Sonora Desert Museum area which is part of the Tucson Mountain Park. It is located south and west of Tucson and well worth the visit if you like to see sticky bushes.


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2 Responses to Visiting Tucson, Arizona for a few days

  1. Sandy says:

    Good to see you folks out and about again, love the Sonoran Desert

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