Another Visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Musems

Yesterday we viewed the Buffalo Bill Museum, a remarkable concentration of memorabilia from the life of a remarkable man. This statue greets all who visit.

Perhaps one item in the collection which many are unaware of is the Congressional Medal of Honor given to Mr. Cody.

Another exhibit we thought unusual was this depiction of Buffalo Bill dressed as a business man.

Below is an image of what was perhaps a poster or banner announcing Buffalo Bill’s visit to the queen of England.

There was also a large banner depicting Buffalo Bill’s performance before the Queen of England. There are also maps with little red pins showing everywhere he performed in North America and Europe.

Below are a few of the exhibits in Buffalo Bill Museum.

In addition to the many displays of Buffalo Bill’s possessions there are several items which belonged to others in his shows. Below are a few items belonging to Annie Oakley.

Another few exhibits are of a short term member of the show, William F. (Doc) Carver. In the photograph of the saddle the strange looking ornaments are Silver dollars with bullet holes in them which we assume were used we during the shows for a display of marksmanship.

In 1968 Winchester produced a commerative rifle and in 1969 a commemorative trowel was presented after the laying of the cornerstone. They are on display also.

we hope you enjoyed this presentation of some of the exhibits at the Buffalo Bill Museum portion of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

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4 Responses to Another Visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Musems

  1. Carol Stephens says:

    Awesome pictures of history that we really don’t know. Thanks for sharing this great treasure.

  2. Roger Daniel says:

    Talk about some great looking guns! Annie long Rifle wood is excellent, great looking weapon. Thank u 😎. Picture were so clear through look through the glass just like I am standing there!

    G Roger Daniel Sent from my iPhone


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