our most recent trip to Arkansas

We just returned from our most recent overnight trip to the Boxley Valley in Arkansas. We hope to be able to locate some of the elk herd there. We ended up having the good fortune to be able to dine with Tim and Pam Ernst. They invited us to share dinner with them at the Low Gap Café in Low Gap, Arkansas. The café is owned and operated by the Chef and his wife. Should you ever be in that area it is a very good place to eat. It is located on the highway between Ponca and Jasper, Arkansas.

On the way to dinner we decided to drive down to the Steele creek trailhead and see the big bluff there. There were several horse trailers camping there and out on trail rides. We took the opportunity to get an image of our Roadtrek while there with the bluff in the background. The bright blue sky almost makes our silver Roadtrek look blue. 🙂

After a very enjoyable time at dinner we drove back to a trailhead to spend the night. Very early the next morning we awakened to a lot of fog, which we had hoped for. We wanted to get some images and video of the elk if we could find them in the valley. As we neared Ponca and were about to give up in our search we found them, and there was even an area where we could park off the highway. Below is one image which will give you some idea of how foggy it was and the enormous size of the very large bull elk with a small portion of his herd of cows. This elk had about 45 to 50 cows in his harem. His antlers show that he has been busy protecting his herd as two of the tines on one side are broken off.

We were also successful in capturing some video of the elk and it is posted on Facebook, just search for posts by Ozarks Photos.

We are loving having our new 2016 Roadtrek 210 Popular. It is equipped with lithium batteries so we can boon dock for several days and it has no noisy generator so we no longer get the nasty looks from the tent campers. LOL

About ozarksphotos

Traveling photographer of scenic, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and other things that interest me. I also have a Web site with many images taken in North America. OzarksPhotos.com .
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  1. Sandy Moran says:

    That elk photo is gorgeous

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