Checking on the Aspen Trees

We decided this morning to drive up to the Grand Mesa Visitor Center hoping to see if the color in the aspen trees might be progressing. While on the way we explored some of the other campgrounds and found what you might agree are some interesting subjects to photograph. Below are the images from our short trip.

A wildflower
A bit of aspen gold
Colorful vegetation
A beautiful stand of aspen
Colorful vegetation
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We stayed last night at the Rifle Falls Campground near Rifle, Colorado. After arriving there yesterday afternoon we visited the triple waterfalls. Images below:

After getting a few essentials at the City Market in Rifle, filling up the gas tank and getting my birthday mocha at Starbucks we headed out for Grand Mesa National Forest. Much higher altitude and a lot cooler. Below are a couple of images from one of the pullouts near the top. One can see a very long distance.

We will be waiting for the aspen trees to become golden, hopefully in the next week or two.

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Catching up

Today we went back through some of our videos which we had not posted and decided to try to bring you up-to-date with some of the information.

Below are two videos from the Fourth of July parade in Cody, Wyoming. The first is of some very talented young ladies who were able to dance while on a moving wagon.

The second video is of some of the professional rodeo performers riding on a wagon in the same parade.The wagon they were riding on was being pulled by a team of six white horses

The final video is from the start of the pack burro race during Boom Days in Leadville, Colorado. Each burro has to carry a pack weighing 33 pounds and containing a shovel, pick and gold pan along with other mining articles.. The race is up to Mosquito Pass which is above 10,000 feet and then they return to Leadville. This is in excess of 20 miles for the man to run. He is allowed to carry the burro but not allowed to ride.

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We are back in the Leadville, Colorado area. Just enjoying the cooler mountain temperatures while we wait for the aspen leaves to get some color.

Tonight we enjoyed what we have decided to call “Eggs Dańiel”. Poached egg, ham instead of Canadian bacon and on a half a biscuit instead of an english muffin. And then of course topped with Hollandaise sauce. It has become one of our favorite light dinners.

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Wandering around

After leaving Crested Butte we did some wandering and discovered the Grand Mesa area. A multitude of lakes and campgrounds. Also some amazing scenery. Like this:

And a short video which I hope shows the grandeur.

Wildflowers were very plentiful and beautiful.

And there was even wildlife (look closely).

Here are a few views of the lake from our campsite.

And a short video showing fish jumping from the lake, maybe looking for a fisher person to catch them?

We hope to return in September to catch the aspen in full color.

Oops, I forgot the fireweed image.

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Crested Butte, Colorado

Is a scenic and shoppers delight. Located north of Gunnison. The Crested Butte Mountain is a beautiful backdrop to this town which features a lot of shops of all kinds and many homes that have been fixed up and painted colorfully.

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Colorado highway 149

Also known as the Silver Thorne Scenic Byway. From South Fork all the way to US 50 highway a few miles west of Gunnison. We felt this Byway is the prettiest with the biggest variety of mountains, valleys, rock formations and wonderful views anywhere in Colorado. The towns of note are Creede and Lake City. In our previous post we had a few images of a few of the interesting locations in Creede.

Below are a few from the Lake City area and a few of the fantastic views and wildlife we had an opportunity to see.

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We have

We have been to several interesting places since our last post. Unfortunately we have not had fast enough Internet speeds to upload any images or video.

We hope to be able to catch up today.

After visiting with a great friend from Arkansas at his Colorado retreat near South Fork and receiving a lot of information on attractions to visit we headed up to Creede. Creede is an old mining town, really old. Images below.

Windows into their back yard.

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Boom Days in Leadville, Colorado

Boom days in Leadville is a celebration of their mining history. For several days they have a variety of vendors available selling all kinds of stuff and food, of course. They also have many activities for men, women, children and burros. The Boom Days Pack Burro race dates back to 1949. They have both a long and short course races. The long course consists of 21 miles which follows four-wheel-drive roads to the summit of Mosquito Pass through the historic mining area. It reaches of altitude of over 13,000 feet. We chose to video and get still images of the beginning of the long race. The packs the standard and mammoth burros carry has to weigh 33 pounds and include a pick, shovel and pan. After the race the packs are weighed. Below is a short video of the beginning of the race followed by several images. I was standing in the middle of the street where the racers had to turn to continue on the route. Thankfully all of them made the turn. 🤠

After the race images there will be a few other images.

One of the contests is for the best period costume. I believe the two ladies in the image below were participants.

Some children were lucky enough to get to ride in a miniature train.

Below are images of the main street of Leadville which had been blocked off for vehicular traffic. One is very early morning before the crowd began gathering and the other hopefully shows the huge number of attendees.

We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time in the Leadville area this summer. Consider adding Boom Days to your “bucket list”.

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The wildflowers……

Are blooming unbelievably here in the mountains near Leadville, Colorado. We hope you enjoy the variety below.

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