Cheyenne to Rock Springs, WY

Yesterday we drove from Cheyenne to Rock Springs. The weather was fairly cooperative although the breeze from the south was pretty stiff at times. On the way we passed Elk Mountain, elevation 11,156 ft.

Apologies for the small image. The wireless network here in Rock Springs is only 3G and the larger images would not load.

Today we drove around some and found this nice bronze at the Western Wyoming community college. And now the larger image loaded. 😎

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Heading further west

We left Cheyenne this morning to continue our travels. We did stop at the Lincoln Memorial at the continental divide. Highest elevation on Interstate 80. Photos below.

We decided to visit Hutton Lake NWR south of Laramie. As it was mid-day there was not a lot of activity. Some of the white tailed prairie dogs were out.

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Nebraska State Capitol

While here in Lincoln, Nebraska we made a short drive to downtown. While there we took a photo of the state capital building.

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Wind, rain and lots of both

We embarked on our summer travels Monday. Traveled north through wind and rain and as we got a late start we stopped in Liberty, MO for the night. Rain and storms all night. Tuesday we continued our northern travels in lots more rain and very strong winds. Tonight we are in Lincoln, Nebraska where we saw a very brief bit of sunshine and then the rain resumed. The weather is currently very cold west of here so we may hang around here for another day.

No photos yet, too busy keeping the Roadtrek on the road. 😎

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A few days

Home for a few days here in the Ozarks. Redbuds and crabapple trees are blooming, brightening up the scenery.

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Fredericksburg, Texas

We were in Fredericksburg for a couple of days. Quite an interesting town. Lots of shopping, interesting old churches and downtown area.

The downtown area.

Just outside of town, Das Peachhaus. An unbelievable assortment of peach concoctions. One dwarf peach tree was in bloom.

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We are having a great time!

After spending some time in El Paso with Marilyn visiting her sister we are back on the road. We spent a few days in the Fredericksburg, TX area and have many images to share. There are several interesting things to see in Fredericksburg. The downtown area, several very old churches and not too far from town is the Enchanted Rock State Natural area. Also just out of town other interesting attractions. So many it makes it difficult to determine where to begin.

It was Spring Break time in Texas and many people were at the Enchanted Rock which is reported to be the second largest granite formation in the United States. Below is the entrance sign.

Below are images of the rock and some other outcroppings. The first image provides some scale showing the enormous size of the Rock. The second image the number of people attempting to climb the rock, perhaps to get it off their “bucket list “.

This image is of another outcropping of granite in the park. Below that shows our mode of travel, Geraldine III, our Roadtrek.

Our next post will have images from Fredericksburg.

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