Niagara and Horseshoe falls

We are back home for a while and are able to access some of the videos on our main computer. The one below was from our last visit to view the Canadian side view of the Niagara and Horseshoe falls. We were fortunate to find a parking location not far from the viewing area. The crowds were not as overwhelming as they were during our first attempt which was on a Canadian holiday.

Here is a link to the video, or maybe the video:


As we sort through the rest of our files we will post any which we think might be of interest.

Have a great weekend,

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Now on our way

We are now on our way home, somewhere in the middle of Ohio. It was a very long day today. Got up really early to be at Roadtrek when they open to get our third seat fixed.

After that we went and explored the beautiful city of Niagara on the lake. Very unique with lots of beautiful flower arrangements all over the place. Mini boutique shops of all kinds and a unique Starbucks in a very old building. Unfortunately it was too hard to do any picture taking. We hope to retire and spend a few days there sometime in the future, preferably in the fall.

As it was so close to Niagara Falls we decided to drive over and try to get some photos of the falls in the day time. Bright sunshine in the middle of the day resulted in very disappointing. Please see them below.

This one is of Niagara Falls.

The one below is of Horseshoe Falls.

The one below shows you the extent of viewers on the American side. There were just as many or more on the Canadian side today.

We had a wonderful trip even though it was shorter than most we venture out on. Unfortunately we were so busy doing other things we did not get many images.

Larry or Marilyn Daniel
2016 210 Popular Roadtrek
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Sorry we have not posted more in the recent few weeks. Spent a little time at home and now we are in Canada. Currently in Niagara by the falls. Very nicely kept quaint little old city with lots of shopping.

Fortunately they had a Starbucks which was in the oldest building that I’ve ever seen a Starbucks located it. And they were very busy.

Below is about the only photo I have taken in the last several weeks. Hopefully we’ll get a few more when we start home. The one below is of Niagara Falls and was taken well before Dawn.

Larry or Marilyn Daniel
2016 210 Popular Roadtrek
Sent from my Gold iPad Air 2 for our blog about our travels

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Glacier National Park images

Unless I find some more images I think these are the ones I had not gotten to earlier. I hope you enjoy viewing some of the vistas we enjoyed during our recent visit to Glacier National Park. If it were not so far from home it could easily become our favorite National Park.

After a few previous attempts we were finally able to travel all of the “Going to the Sun” road in the park. It was an unbelievable experience!

Majestic mountains!

More mountains and one of the several waterfalls in the park.

This mountain, shrouded by cloud is named Heavens Peak.

The white flowers are bear grass. They were growing everywhere.

Just another of the magnificent vistas of mountains and valleys one can enjoy on the “Going to the Sun” road in Glacier NP.

As we neared Logans Pass, the top of the “Going to the Sun” road folks that got up later than we did were catching up to and passing us. 🙂

This photo is of the Visitor Center at Logans Pass.

After a record snowfall last winter there was still lots of snow.

I believe this distant and very tall waterfall is named “Bird Women Waterfall”. What a beautiful setting!

Glacier National Park is wonderful. I just wish it was not so far away. It would be wonderful to visit in the early fall when the foliage is changing.


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Glacier National Park

Hi again,

We are now home and have had a little time to sort through and categorize some of the many images we got during our recent trip. Below are several from Glacier National Park. We had hoped to be able to include all our images in this posting. That is not going to work as there are just too many. Hopefully I can keep track of what I have posted and when I get the job completed we will try to post any new ones. Glacier is an unbelievably photogenic park, a new view around every curve in the “Going to the Sun” road!

After three attempts to be there when the “Going to the Sun” road was open we finally succeeded! Glacier has to be one of the most scenic of all the National Parks in the lower 48 states. Around every curve you are greeted with another absolutely stunning vista. As our Roadtrek was just a bit longer than allowed we joined with Laura Robinson in getting a rental car for the trip and left early in the morning. Both were wise decisions.

On our way up to the “Going to the Sun” road the pull outs were not busy and we could take our time in enjoying the views and taking photos. On our way back later in the day parking spaces were impossible to find. Our trip was on the second day the road had opened and the park was packed.

The first image is of bear grass. There was a bumper crop of this unusual flower at Glacier this year.

Below is the entry to the Lodge on McDonald Lake. Originally built in the early 1900’s it was only accessible by boat so the front of the Lodge faces the lake.

Below is the chandelier in the lobby of the Lodge on Lake McDonald.

The image below is of Lake Sherburne and some of the mountains surrounding it. This was taken from the Many Glaciers road.

There are many impressive mountains in Glacier National Park. And several lakes.

Mountains and waterfalls are primary features of Glacier. With the record snowfall last winter the snowmelt had all the waterfalls flowing nicely.

We truly enjoy traveling in our Roadtrek. We now have over 25,000 miles on our new one after putting about 135,000 miles on Geraldine II.

As we proceeded up the “Going to the Sun” road for our first time to be able to ascent all the way to the top we stopped many times to enjoy the wonderful vistas we encountered around every curve, and there a lots of curves.

This image may give you some idea of what it is like to drive the “Going to the Sun” road. Waterfalls coming down on the road, steep cliffs on the other side. Narrow and very curvy, and a great experience with magnificent vistas around each and every curve. This was taken in one of the many pull outs, most of which are not very large.

Glacier National Park, mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, beautiful!

This is just one of the several waterfalls.

Another magnificent vista from the “Going to the Sun” road.

With the snowmelt underway the waterfalls were flowing nicely.

It is impossible for me to describe the beauty of Glacier National Park. Hopefully with these images you will have an idea.

We hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Glacier National Park and a few of the wonderful vistas from there.


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we are home

We have returned home from our shortened summer trip. Visited MT, WY, and CO.

Below are a few of the many images we returned with. Just getting started on editing and posting them, Hope you enjoy them.

The first one is an environmental image of a badger, the first one I had ever seen and the first I had ever photographed. Images like this are called “environmental” as they show the environment of where the animal lives.

A closer view of the same badger. It may be that the description “wide body” may have come from someones description of a badger? 🙂

The same badger emerging from a hollow log, possibly checking for a meal?

Below is the only Canada Lynx I have ever seen. Quite a thrill!

I have many more images to review and post. It is likely to take a while, please stay turned.


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Mountain passes

In the last three or four days we have climbed in descended from at least three Mountain Passes. All in Colorado and all considered very dangerous back in the 60s and 70s when trucks were having to run those routes before interstates were available.

Below are a couple of images from Loveland Pass which is one of the taller ones.

This is one from the top of the pass looking to the south showing there is still snow in “dem der mountains”. 🤠


Larry or Marilyn Daniel
2016 210 Popular Roadtrek
Sent from my Gold iPad Air 2 for our blog about our travels

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