Our trip to Frisco and Dillon today

We headed out down the mountain this morning to get some supplies and of course Starbucks. Mission accomplished and we have returned to our campground.

The wildflowers this year are busting out all over. Our biggest problem is there are so few places where one can park to get images of them. We were lucky today to get a few images and they are below.

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Today’s Adventure

We decided to circle Turquoise Lake today. While doing the circle we got a few photo opportunities and stopped in to one or two of the other campgrounds we had not been to recently.

Below is an image from near the beginning of our trip. It is of Turquoise Lake from the Dam.

The next image is looking the other direction from the dam toward Mt. Elbert on the left and Mt. Massive on the right.

This is a stream which rushes down the mountains to help feed the lake

Here is a short video of the stream.

We found it very interesting that the lake is also fed by water via two tunnels. Here is the plaque honoring the individual responsible of having the foresight to get the tunnels in place.

Below is looking up toward one of the tunnels and images showing the stream rushing to the lake.

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After a quick trip into Frisco

To obtain a few groceries we decided to go through Leadville. I wanted to check out the coffee at the Cookies with Altitude shop. We were very fortunate to obtain a parking spot within a reasonable amount of walking distance. The coffee was good and they have a very unusual menu of edibles. In addition to cookies and other sweet treats that offer a selection of different stuffed biscuits. We tried a ham and Swiss cheese one and it was very good. Below is a photo of the store front.

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Taking a little time off

We have been relaxing in the mountains of Colorado for several days. Occasional trips down to Dillon and Frisco for supplies but most of the time just around Leadville. The service at the Leadville Visitor Center is exceptional. Our first visit there we met Paula, very helpful, knowledgeable and charming.

Below is our Roadtrek, Geraldine III at the Visitor Center.

We have been at the Baby Doe Campground for several days/nights. Roger and Susan do a great job and are extremely friendly and helpful. We have no picture of them as they are always on the go.

The Main Street of Leadville below, very busy.

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A few wildflowers growing in Colorado

I have not had a good enough Internet connection to research what flowers these are but I thought I would go ahead and post them for your enjoyment. Hope you like them.

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A truly wonderful eight days

In the Pawnee campground at Brainard lake in Colorado. Even though we got up every morning before daylight we had a wonderful and relaxing stay. We were fortunate enough to get to see seven or eight bull moose and one cow moose. Along with a few other wildlife and beautiful scenery along with many wildflowers.

Below see a few of the images we were fortunate enough to get to see.

Here are two images of Brainard Lake.

One of the larger bull moose of the seven or eight we got to see.

Another lake on the entry road to the campground is Red Rock Lake. It has many yellow water lilies on it and offers some good opportunities for interesting images.

While in the area we were fortunate to see a mule deer buck and some wildflowers.

The last image is a small chipmunk which posed so cutely we just had to get his image. We had a wonderful time!

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Pawnee Campground at Brainard Lake in Colorado

We have had a great time and the weather here has been wonderful. As low as 35F one night with highs into the low 70 degrees F. We have been to Loveland twice but it got way too close to 100F for any comfort. It is not far but takes quite a while to drive as it is very curvy road. Below are many images from our stay there, the first is a very early morning image (the golden trees are due to the early sun) of Brainard Lake and some of the several mountains surrounding it. Most still have a lot of snow.

Another reason we enjoy this area is the wildlife, especially the bull moose. So far this trip we have not been ready when one appeared fully visible. They have been too busy eating. 😔

And also deer.

Also nearby is Red Rock Lake and this image shows some of the lily pads on it along with one of the mountains behind it.

Red Rock Lake had several ducks in addition to the yellow water lilies

Another feature we found interesting was the variety of wildflowers.

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Fireworks at Cody

Here are two more videos of the fireworks. I had to make them smaller files to get them uploaded.

We are now in the mountains of Colorado.

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Cody, Wyoming Fireworks, July 4, 2019

The fireworks here and Cody were absolutely wonderful! The display lasted quite a long time in between an early rainstorm and another after they were done.

Below is the several images and as many videos as I can get to upload.


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Fourth of July Parade, Cody, Wyoming

We are posting a few images from today and some videos. The crowd of spectators was unbelievable! And the parade was great. Beautiful weather for a wonderful parade!

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